Homestead Redemption was motivated by the founders' concerns that their musical ideas weren’t well represented by their two Fantasy album releases. Through subsequent years, their belief in Clover remained strong, and their accumulated experience inspired them to commit to re-visiting some of the early Clover material - the goal being to try to realize the full potential of the songs. Alex and John began selecting material from the two Fantasy albums with the goal of improving the recording, arrangements, and production.

No doubt the original recordings have their charm, and were (surprisingly to the Clover members) influential to some very talented and high-profile British artists, but John, Mitch, and Alex relished the idea of playing the songs again and seeing what might happen. This re-united the three founding members. Of course, every Clover album needs a Ciambotti, so Johnny’s incredibly gifted daughter, Gia, was brought in to sing on the project. Huey and Sean’s “alumni” contributions are a welcome bonus - and thus Homestead Redemption is yet another chapter in Clover’s musical history.


Redemption has arrived…